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undergarment undertaking – the why

…Or How I Decided To Make My Own Bras

My bras don’t fit me.

I have lots of them that I love.  In fact, I have a giant box of expensive, well-chosen, and gorgeous lingerie that fit me…more pounds ago that I’ll willingly admit.  (A combination of hormones and other medications induced a silly giant and lightning-fast weight gain a few months ago.)  I was already edging on the large size of my body comfort zone.  In coming to terms with my body feelings (why use “issues” and label them all icky?), I realized I’d love (or at least like) myself and my new figure a lot more if I had clothes that actually fit me instead of cramming myself into stuff way to small or currently unflattering.  While it sounds simplistic, this whole “gee, I think I’d feel more confidant and attractive in comfortable, attractive, and well-fit clothes” idea really hit home.  And my word, did it work!

I did not go out and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars either.  A friend took me out to a thrift store, and I spent $65 on four pairs of jeans (stretchy and not) that were comfortable and flattering along with four medium weight sweaters that were a gap in my wardrobe.  Also, there are some continuing projects to make some fabulous garments for myself.

I still have grumpy days.  (That’s probably a given for anyone, no matter what size and shape they are.)  But more and more I look at myself in the mirror in clothes with enough room for me and say, “Wow, that just feels and looks right.”  Or “Gosh, you look curvy and lovely today.”  I’m much happier.

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But the last canyon dividing me from figure comfort and happiness is still foundation garments.

I’m embarrassed to say it’s just more comfortable not to wear anything…or to wear a shelf camisole or my lovely and flattering lulu lemon workout top that is magically still supportive and flattering than delve into the abyss of bra shopping.  However, my successes in other aspects of dressing were winning me over.

And I randomly came across someone online who made her own bras.  And said it was easy.  And fast.  I don’t honestly recall who started the avalanche of BRABLOGNESS.  But I am definitely tumbling down the canyon…

I have a pretty small budget.  And a quite large bosom.  My starting guesstimates are a UK 34G (Bratabase), 36FF (Bare Essentials by Jennifer Lynne Matthews-Fairbanks), and 36FF or 36G (My Best Guess After Weeks of Reading bra blogs.)  We’re not exactly talking about an easily available size.  My last trip to Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret several sizes ago were not exactly the most fruitful.  I love sewing.  And so…it’s time to give making my own bras a shot.

I’m thrilled.  And intimidated.  And completely overwhelmed at how gigantic those cups are.