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I’ve always done crafty things.  I just always have.  I only vaguely remember learning to sew.  I was five or sixish, and I helped my aunt cut and sew pieces for samples, and made simple little things, and watched avidly as she whipped up gorgeous Christmas dresses for me.  I really have no idea how that morphed into adult sewing skills, but I’m glad to have them.  I’m a bit obsessed with sewing right now, but I also enjoy finger weaving, knitting, block printing, paper making, crafting bath products and candles, decorating, etc.  Well, and cooking.  I love cooking, especially when my boyfriend does all the work and I sit on the counter or sofa and say, “You’re doing it wrong!” or taste test.  To sum up: I like learning new things.

My current inspiration is to sew, knit, thrift, or otherwise acquire an everyday wardrobe that fits me.  Since my weight has been fluctuating  and hopefully my Grand Plan to get rid of some of it will be successful, I’m sticking with forgiving stretchy fabrics for now.